Out of Africa

All photos on this page (and the cover photo) are by Reuters photojournalist Joe Penney, who is based on Mali. They offer a fresh perspective of the continent, full of colour and humanity.

You can see more on his website or follow him on Twitter.


Diallo, a 22 year-old member of a youth anti-drug network, poses for a picture in Bamako

Senegalese music star and political activist Youssou N'dour atte

Judges from Senegal's top court arrive at the inauguration of newly-elected Senegalese President Sall in the capital Dakar




Women walk along a highway as storm clouds gather outside Sikasso

A man drives his motorcycle down a street at dusk in downtown Ouagadougou

A farmers with wheat on his head poses for a picture as he walks home after a day's work in Guiledge

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