New Qantas campaign feels good

Qantas has launched a new campaign today — ‘Feels Like Home’ — and I think the video that has launched it is excellent.

As someone who has flown with Qantas even when it hasn’t always been ‘cool’ (or cheaper…) to, and who has also caught that leaving-London flight home, and feeling better when seeing ‘that’ red tail at the gate, the new campaign certainly resonates with me. Ok I’ll admit it — it even created some teary eyes.

Will the campaign attract profit and new customers? Time will tell. But then again, the best customers are the ones you already have.

The airline says the campaign is based on the real stories of five Qantas passengers coming home to Australia, and them being greeted on home soil by loved ones. It is filmed in London, Santiago, Hong Kong, the Pilbara and Sydney. More advertising will be seen in print, online, cinemas and outdoors, and the soundtrack song, by 20 year old Australian Martha Marlow, will be played on-board Qantas aircraft.

Qantas have never quite matched their iconic ‘still call Australia home’ series with the children’s choirs but this feels like a return — and that maybe the airline is finally coming home too. Welcome back Qantas.

Read more on the Sydney Morning Herald Business Day website or the Campaign Brief website.


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