In a special light

A couple of months ago, I took a photo of some people enjoying the sunshine on the High Line in New York’s Chelsea. I’d waited in my spot for almost a minute, waiting for the two friends in bright-coloured dresses to decide where they would sit, as I knew the colour of the fabric would add to a nice photo.

A month or so later, the High Line team got in contact with me about using the photo, which led to an invitation to join them on a special photowalk they would be hosting — a photowalk for sunrise on the High Line, before it was open to members of the public.

This morning was the photowalk. I am far from a morning person, but the 4.30am alarm was worth it to be able to capture probably my favourite place in the city, in a special light.

Some of the photos are below, and you can see more on Flickr.

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