Not so ordinary: Lucasz Dziadkiewicz

Illustrator. Award-winner. Making the world more interesting.  Lucasz Dziadkiewicz is a man of many creative talents, comfortable with brushes, a camera or guitar in hand. He also recently won the Melbourne Lord Mayor’s prize for creative writing with an illustrated story.  You are an illustrator – tell us a bit about your work: I am an illustrator,Continue reading “Not so ordinary: Lucasz Dziadkiewicz”

Not so ordinary: Weh Yeoh

Physiotherapist. Campaigner. Speech maker.   Weh Yeoh is making sure children are seen and heard. He is the founder of ‘OIC: The Cambodia Project’, which works with local organisations in Cambodia to help children receive speech therapy. Tell us a little bit about OIC: The Cambodia Project and where the idea came from. OIC: The CambodiaContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Weh Yeoh”

Not so ordinary: Jeanette Cheah

Marketer. Skilled volunteer. Playing with her food.  Jeanette Cheah is a marketer for an ASX-listed company by day, and working to raise funds for refugees by night (and sometimes during the day). She is also a driving force behind the Gingerbread Demolition — which is pretty much what it sounds like. What started as a fun Christmas partyContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Jeanette Cheah”

Not so ordinary: Scott Bridges

Media educator. Global connector. Pretending to adult.   Scott Bridges has worked in the media, written books about the media, and is now studying it for his PhD. He is also the co-founder of the Australia-Middle East Journalism Exchange which is about raising the quality of journalism.  Tell us about Australia-Middle East Journalism Exchange: Australia-Middle East JournalismContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Scott Bridges”

Not so ordinary: Donna Stolzenberg

Organiser for women. Spreading dignity. Wanting you to understand the humans.   Donna Stolzenberg was the right woman to hear the right idea at the right time. She is the co-founder of the Melbourne and Sydney Period Projects – an organisation that coordinates sanitary items (and support) for women experiencing homelessness. Tell us a little bit about theContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Donna Stolzenberg”