Not so ordinary: Kelly McJannett

Problem solver. Food securer. Not accepting we can’t do better.   Kelly McJannett is a Sydney woman on a mission. And it is a big mission: to address malnutrition and help create financial security for women. Kelly is doing this through her organisation ‘Food Ladder’.  Tell us a little bit about your organisation, Food Ladder: FoodContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Kelly McJannett”

Not so ordinary: Brett Seychell

Traveller. Social entrepreneur. Cycling to educate. Brett Seychell went on a cycling holiday in Europe to take a break from his London job. Many countries and roads later, he founded Social Cycles, and now leads others on bicycle tours with a strong social-conscience compass. Tell us a little bit about Social Cycles: Social Cycles is aContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Brett Seychell”

Not so ordinary: Sara Currie

PhD student. Tourism teacher. Marketer for good. Sara Currie has a background in tourism and marketing, and decided to start a Masters. Then she turned it into a PhD and is using it to help Timor-Leste rebuild.  You are currently doing a PhD related to Timor-Leste and tourism – tell us a bit about it:Continue reading “Not so ordinary: Sara Currie”

Not so ordinary: Sally Davis

Straight talker. Community leader. Woman of words. Sally Davis’s career has seen her add journalist, airline PR, university lecturer, mayor and health-book author to her CV. You have an interesting career path and CV – tell us a bit about it:   My aim was to become a journalist; at first I was refused aContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Sally Davis”

Not so ordinary: Ben Thomas

Photographer. Explorer. Cityshinker. Ben Thomas is an Adelaide-born, Melbourne-based photographer. He is usually in other cities. What made you interested in photography? Where did it begin? I started filming a lot of the bands when I was 15 – a mate and I really got into it and started a little production company doing shortContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Ben Thomas”