Norway by railway

Each day, a few times a day, trains depart from Bergen heading to Oslo, and Oslo heading to Bergen, on what is said to be one of the most scenic train routes in the world. In the space of about 7 hours, you can see Winter-snow mountains, lush green birch forests, and Summer-kissed fields, allContinue reading “Norway by railway”

Nizwa afternoon

There were meant to be 700,000 locals in Nizwa, and I couldn’t see even one of them. Now I knew what it felt like being in a ghost town. A town where the sun, and the hairdryer-like heat drove the humans indoors. I sat on the gun carriage of an old canon, in front of the door to theContinue reading “Nizwa afternoon”

Not so ordinary: Brett Seychell

Traveller. Social entrepreneur. Cycling to educate. Brett Seychell went on a cycling holiday in Europe to take a break from his London job. Many countries and roads later, he founded Social Cycles, and now leads others on bicycle tours with a strong social-conscience compass. Tell us a little bit about Social Cycles: Social Cycles is aContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Brett Seychell”

Not so ordinary: Sara Currie

PhD student. Tourism teacher. Marketer for good. Sara Currie has a background in tourism and marketing, and decided to start a Masters. Then she turned it into a PhD and is using it to help Timor-Leste rebuild.  You are currently doing a PhD related to Timor-Leste and tourism – tell us a bit about it:Continue reading “Not so ordinary: Sara Currie”

On the Emily Luxton Travel Blog: ‘Postcard from… Oman’

Not many people have heard of Oman, let alone travelled there, but I have been lucky to. I highly recommend considering this super-friendly country if you have wanderlust for the Gulf. Read what I wrote about it on the Emily Luxton Travel Blog.