Another Launceston weekend

It was a weekend in Launceston, Tasmania, with friends, although the main adventures took place in the surrounds. For some reason I kept seeing scenes and subjects that reminded me of Georgia O’Keeffe – the barns, the flowers. Maybe it was, after a crazy week of world news, as simple as feeling inspiration from an artist whoContinue reading “Another Launceston weekend”

Not so ordinary: Ben Thomas

Photographer. Explorer. Cityshinker. Ben Thomas is an Adelaide-born, Melbourne-based photographer. He is usually in other cities. What made you interested in photography? Where did it begin? I started filming a lot of the bands when I was 15 – a mate and I really got into it and started a little production company doing shortContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Ben Thomas”

Oman — where’s that?

{A longer read} ‘Where’s that?’ is the most common response from people when I tell them I have travelled to Oman. I went there for just five days in May 2011. I hope to return one day. Here are some quick facts: Oman is located to the east of Saudi Arabia, above Yemen, and looksContinue reading “Oman — where’s that?”