Page-20 girls

The Fall 2013 edition of New York’s The High Line Park’s magazine is out now, and I am lucky to have a few copies arrive in the post. I am even luckier as on the bottom-left corner of page 20 is a photo I took of two ladies enjoying the summer sun. The High LineContinue reading “Page-20 girls”

Overheard in NYC

If Australians are famous for needing their personal space on the street, I’d say Americans consistently demonstrate strong voice projection when out and about, and are more than happy to share thoughts and feelings in public. It has provided me with great amusement and fascination while wandering the streets of New York this summer. AsContinue reading “Overheard in NYC”

Harlem highlights

Harlem, the neighbourhood north of Central Park on Manhattan island, with a rich migrant culture and proud African-American community. This was a fascinating wander to iconic civil rights, music, religious, cuisine and architectural locations. The best part? Of all the tours I have ever done, this was the one the felt the most like beingContinue reading “Harlem highlights”