Harlem highlights

Harlem, the neighbourhood north of Central Park on Manhattan island, with a rich migrant culture and proud African-American community. This was a fascinating wander to iconic civil rights, music, religious, cuisine and architectural locations.

The best part? Of all the tours I have ever done, this was the one the felt the most like being in a small community, probably thanks to more than a few locals heckling our tour guide Derrick with extra facts, places he shouldn’t forget to show us, and comments. At one point, Derrick had two elderly gentlemen, either side of him, telling him extra bits of history that we weren’t allowed to miss. The tour wasn’t just fun because Derrick played hip hop, choir hymns, jazz and blues local to the area as we walked, it was definitely the locals making sure were got the ‘true story’ of Harlem.

You can read more about the Harlem tour at the Free Tours by Foot website.

3 thoughts on “Harlem highlights

  1. I went to Harlem by mistake in 1973 as we got on an express train that we thought would stop at stations before. Anyway, a lovely lady who worked in a grand house in New York came and took us to a Iplatform to catch the next train out. She was quite amazed that us white people were in Harlem and proceeded to tell us how much danger we were in.
    We took her advice and high tailed it out of there.
    We were ever grateful to that lady as it really was a no go area for whites
    Love the photo’s

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