Not so ordinary: Jeanette Cheah

Marketer. Skilled volunteer. Playing with her food.  Jeanette Cheah is a marketer for an ASX-listed company by day, and working to raise funds for refugees by night (and sometimes during the day). She is also a driving force behind the Gingerbread Demolition — which is pretty much what it sounds like. What started as a fun Christmas partyContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Jeanette Cheah”

Lemons, and Tariku, and bears

This weekend I am in Launceston, visiting a friend. After a morning walking to the market, and buying lots of delicious things, we thought it was time to sit down and have a coffee (and in my friend’s case, a hot chocolate). We decided on Sweetbrew. Not only did we get the delicious hot beverage we wereContinue reading “Lemons, and Tariku, and bears”

Dinner conversation topic: energy poverty

Have you heard of ‘energy poverty’? No? Well neither had I until a week or so ago when I heard about the work of newly-formed ‘The Light Foundation’. Energy poverty is the lack of access to clean, safe and affordable energy. It forces many of the world’s poorest people to rely on expensive and dangerousContinue reading “Dinner conversation topic: energy poverty”