Nizwa afternoon

There were meant to be 700,000 locals in Nizwa, and I couldn’t see even one of them. Now I knew what it felt like being in a ghost town. A town where the sun, and the hairdryer-like heat drove the humans indoors. I sat on the gun carriage of an old canon, in front of the door to theContinue reading “Nizwa afternoon”

Not so ordinary: Lucasz Dziadkiewicz

Illustrator. Award-winner. Making the world more interesting.  Lucasz Dziadkiewicz is a man of many creative talents, comfortable with brushes, a camera or guitar in hand. He also recently won the Melbourne Lord Mayor’s prize for creative writing with an illustrated story.  You are an illustrator – tell us a bit about your work: I am an illustrator,Continue reading “Not so ordinary: Lucasz Dziadkiewicz”

March Magnolias

While Australia reluctantly eases into Autumn (have you seen the temperatures?), the northern hemisphere is entering Spring. In the media, especially on social media, I keep seeing excitement of lambs lambing, daffodils blooming, and magnolias at Kew Gardens waking. I have a huge soft-spot for Kew Gardens and its magnolias, as wandering under and aroundContinue reading “March Magnolias”

Not so ordinary: Weh Yeoh

Physiotherapist. Campaigner. Speech maker.   Weh Yeoh is making sure children are seen and heard. He is the founder of ‘OIC: The Cambodia Project’, which works with local organisations in Cambodia to help children receive speech therapy. Tell us a little bit about OIC: The Cambodia Project and where the idea came from. OIC: The CambodiaContinue reading “Not so ordinary: Weh Yeoh”