High seas and the High Court

For more than a week, the Australian Government has been under national, and international, scrutiny as to how it has handled two boats of asylum seekers from Sri Lanka. These boats were confirmed to be at sea, near to Christmas Island. As part of the severe policy in place by the Australian Government, ‘on waterContinue reading “High seas and the High Court”

Australia & Tamil refugees: what the media is saying

With reports that Australia has returned more than 150 Tamils seeking asylum from Sri Lanka, back to the Sri Lanka, the spotlight on Australia’s ‘draconian measures’ (as the New York Times puts it) towards refugees has been in the national and global spotlight. And it hasn’t been ignored by the UNHCR — the United Nation’sContinue reading “Australia & Tamil refugees: what the media is saying”

I would like, Toys for Nauru

If I was writing a letter to Santa this Christmas, I’d be asking him for more Australian politicians like Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.┬áThis is why: in my view, no other politician is keeping the truth of Australia’s detention centres in the spotlight like she is. Many are indeed doing their bit but she is challenging theContinue reading “I would like, Toys for Nauru”