NGV Triennial; belated

The National Gallery of Victoria’s Triennial exhibition ended a month ago, in March. It is never to late to look back on an exhibition. It was big, it was rich, it was global, and, it was for the people; free.                              Continue reading “NGV Triennial; belated”

Look back at David Hockney at NGV

I came across these photos on the weekend; photos taken at the ‘Current’ exhibition at NGV of David Hockney’s work. David Hockney is now 79 years old, and although his brights are as bright as ever, he has adapted to the times, and worked with electronic ‘brushes’ on iPads and iPhones. It is a lessonContinue reading “Look back at David Hockney at NGV”

Small town digging big art

Arthur Boyd once said he stressed the uniqueness of the Australian landscape and its metaphysical and mythical content. The Dookie Quarry isn’t exactly a natural landscape but it is certainly unique, and is becoming even more interesting. Located ‘up behind the showgrounds’ (or footy ground if that is more your language), the Dookie Quarry wasContinue reading “Small town digging big art”