Recipes for #SPCSunday

Are you cooking up a storm for #SPCSunday? Buy and enjoy some canned fruit, tomatoes, baked beans or spaghetti (or other products) made by SPC Ardmona on 9 February and show your support. If you don’t have a favourite recipe in mind, or plan on eating baked beans for breakfast like MP Bob Katter, you canContinue reading “Recipes for #SPCSunday”

SPC Ardmona isn’t just a factory

‘We could be about to see what happens to a town when it loses its identity. Shepparton is SPC Ardmona’ – Warwick Long, ABC Rural journalist, 30 January 2014 via Twitter. I am a graduate of Dookie Primary School No. 1527, where there was a grand total of five students in my grade. All up,Continue reading “SPC Ardmona isn’t just a factory”