Recipes for #SPCSunday

Are you cooking up a storm for #SPCSunday? Buy and enjoy some canned fruit, tomatoes, baked beans or spaghetti (or other products) made by SPC Ardmona on 9 February and show your support.

If you don’t have a favourite recipe in mind, or plan on eating baked beans for breakfast like MP Bob Katter, you can use SPC Ardmona’s own suggestions:

Here is a link to SPC Ardmona’s very own recipe book SPC – Recipe Book_2 or you can see more recipes on the Ardmona brand website.

Happy cooking.

UPDATE: Below is my #SPCSunday effort — French (wholemeal) toast with SPC Apricot Halves, Greek yoghurt, and honey.

'#SPCSunday French Toast'

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