They can’t be refugees, they have Smartphones!

Imagine you had to flee your home, and flee your country, because your country was a war zone, and you wanted safety for yourself and family. What items would you take with you? I bet if you, like more than 75 per cent of people in world, own a mobile phone, that phone would beContinue reading “They can’t be refugees, they have Smartphones!”

MFW panel: ‘The Influence of ISIS’

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Melbourne Writers festival event called ‘The Influence of ISIS‘. It was presented by the Fifth Estate, the journalism-focussed series hosted by The Wheeler Centre. With guest Jamie Tarabay, the national security and tech editor from Voctativ, and Sally Neighbour, the executive producer of ABC Australia’s 4Continue reading “MFW panel: ‘The Influence of ISIS’”

Fancy* diagrams and tables about refugees

There has been a lot said about refugees in Europe and Australia in the past week (well, more than usual), and rightly so. There are more refugees in the world today than ever before – in fact the UN estimates there are 59 million. I’ve been sharing a few things on Twitter in the hopeContinue reading “Fancy* diagrams and tables about refugees”

Two places I’d love to see: Syria & Yemen

In May 2011, I travelled to Jordan and Oman, and it was an incredible and amazing fortnight discovering Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Muscat, and Nizwa, to name some. However, it was tinged with a small bit of ‘what if’, because the original itinerary was to be ‘Jordan and Syria’. The Syrian civil war started onContinue reading “Two places I’d love to see: Syria & Yemen”