Dookie waking

Having returned from New York last week, I’m having a few days in Dookie, in country Victoria, where I grew up. It is quiet, and with the wheat crops yet to turn golden just yet, it is very green and pretty. My jetlag also means that I am waking full of energy before 6am (whichContinue reading “Dookie waking”

My memorable New York City meals

Food is such a big part of discovering and enjoying a new country. Seeking out the local delicacies that you have read about in books or magazines, comparing if the ‘new country’ or the ‘old country’ does it better, and understanding a bit of background about a dish all help to understand the culture. OfContinue reading “My memorable New York City meals”

My five must-visit NYC museums

I don’t expect the names on this list will really shock anyone, as many of them are familiar, but here are the five I love to visit, and why (in order that I visited them): MoMA: The ‘Museum of Modern Art’, as the name suggests, does not have Rubens gracing the walls, but it does haveContinue reading “My five must-visit NYC museums”