Wandering Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is full of history, tree-lined streets, ‘Federalist’ style housing, and a true neighbourhood feeling. It is no wonder it is one of the most in-demand (and expensive) places to live in New York CIty. On a recent walking tour of ‘the Village’, I snapped the photos below, and learned: Before property prices hiked,Continue reading “Wandering Greenwich Village”

Get your popcorn ready

Justin Evans and partner Zara were driving through north east Victoria when they saw a sign marked ‘Dookie’, and decided to follow the direction. They were led to a small town, and on an adventure of scarecrows and deserted streets, that has inspired the film producers to make a short film with ambition for entryContinue reading “Get your popcorn ready”

Brooklyn on foot

On the weekend, I decided to venture across the East River, and explore a bit of Brooklyn — America’s first suburb. I went on an evening walking tour (which is, I am convinced, the best way to see and learn about a city) and these are some of the photos I took, and things IContinue reading “Brooklyn on foot”

My five favourite things: Hobart

Hobart, the capital of the ‘Apple Isle’ Tasmania, is also home to good friends of mine, so I’ve been lucky to be a frequent visitor. Here are my five favourite things from Australia’s postcode 7000: 1. Fresh air and attitude: The minute you arrive at the airport, everything is more chilled – both in attitude,Continue reading “My five favourite things: Hobart”