How to press conference

Deborah Hersman is the Chair of the US National Transport Safety Bureau (NTSB) and she is in the spotlight this week following the crash of Aesean flight 214 at San Francisco airport.

American disaster press conferences, as many will remember following the Boston Bombings, really do get everyone to gather round, with each and every organisation that is part of the emergency response saying their part. The press conferences about the crash of the flight that killed two teenagers has been no different except, that Deborah Herman has been the best press conference performer I’ve seen under tragic, and complicated, circumstances since ex-Queensland Premier Anna Bligh in the 2011 Queensland floods.

A one-time name suggested to be Obama’s secretary of Transportation, Hersman has been clear, professional, knowledgable, controlled, calm. Most importantly, she has proven to be someone with leadership and whose words can be trusted.

To see Deborah Hersman in action, watch a clip of the first NTSB conference about the crash on the Associate Press’s YouTube channel.

*The photo attached to this article is not of Aesean aircraft nor of SFO airport — it is of Royal Air Maroc aircraft at Barcelona El Prat Airport.

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