Talking Twitterati on radio 17/4/2015

Last night I was on the ABC Radio National ‘Twitterati’ segment to discuss notable topics that were discussed on Twitter during the week. The interview covered Hillary Clinton, the Woolworths ‘Fresh in Our Memories’ ANZAC campaign, ‘selfish rabble’ protestors, and the NCDFREE public health organisation (The ABC is Australia’s national broadcaster, with television, radio and online news; and notContinue reading “Talking Twitterati on radio 17/4/2015”

What I’ve learned about contracting (so far)

I have worked as a freelance agency contractor in the communications profession since late 2008. Except for the 18 months working in the UK where it was a requirement of my visa, it has been entirely by choice (and really, I chose to go and work in the UK on the condition of that visa,Continue reading “What I’ve learned about contracting (so far)”

Bridging marketing art & science

I’m the first to say evidence and measurement are important when it comes to communications and marketing, and I think more than a few colleagues will agree that I’ve continually raised this point in meetings and whiteboard discussions. However, it was actually refreshing to read an article during the week about a senior Qantas marketer suggestingContinue reading “Bridging marketing art & science”

Addressing domestic violence

You may or may not have had ‘the dress’ waltz onto your phone or computer screen last week, asking if you saw a black and blue dress, or gold and white one. It was a silly question that seemed to divide the internet world for 24 hours (Note: It was without doubt black and blue).Continue reading “Addressing domestic violence”

Preparing & running a Yammer chat

I’ve now worked in communications for more than 14 years, and in that time I’ve done a few professional-related things, but today was the first time I was part of a ‘Yammer Chat’. Yammer describes itself as an ‘enterprise social network’ — or as a colleague once described to me, ‘it is Facebook for work’. For thoseContinue reading “Preparing & running a Yammer chat”