Lower Manhattan streets

Some of the most famous tourist landmarks of New York are the New York Stock Exchange, the bronze ‘Charging Bull’ sculpture by Arturo Di Modica, Wall Street, and Tiffany’s. Yet until today, I hadn’t seen any of them.

A few quick things I was taught on the tour, and photos below, from what was a ‘glorious summer day’ as they say:

  • The ‘Charging Bull‘ statue was mysteriously dumped in front of the New York Stock Exchange overnight, near Wall Street, but now lives next to Bowling Green Park. It was meant to symbolise the US being the first country to recover from the crash of Wall Street.
  • If Brooklyn were a separate city, rather than borough of New York City, it would be the USA’s fifth largest city with 2.5 million population, just behind Chicago (2.7 million population).
  • When migrants arrived at Battery Park, they had to promise they weren’t anarchists or polygamists.
  • The Statue of Liberty is a second hand gift — it was originally intended for the Suez Canal in Egypt, but the Egyptians didn’t want it.
  • ‘Ticker tape’ was the narrow tape used at the stock exchange, to record shares and help with trades; later thrown from the windows, and often seen in parades (hence the name). Due to the small size of the tape, it would have taken too long to type out the full trading name of a company, which is why the initials were used for companies; as used today.
  • St Paul’s Church, due to proximity to the World Trade Centre site, operated as a rest station for emergency workers. Today, you can still see one of the stretchers workers slept on, and the hats and badges that workers from all around the world left behind as a mark of respect.

You can read more about the Lower Manhattan Walking Tour that I went on to see these sites at the ‘Free Tours by Foot’ website.

6 thoughts on “Lower Manhattan streets

  1. So where exactly are the badges, hats and stretchers to be seen…out in the open or protected undercover somewhere?

  2. This is the exact kind of info I like! So…if Brooklyn were a city in its own right, to where would NYC slip in the ‘biggest city’ rankings since it’d be minus 2.5M?

    1. With a current estimated population of 8.3 million, NYC would reduce to 5.8 million. This would still make it number one in population size; and still two million ahead of Los Angeles (which is number two). There are many people in New York City!

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