Australian Peter Greste is an award-winning journalist who has worked for many media organisations including BBC, CNN and now Al Jazeera. Since 29 December 2013, he has been held in Cairo’s high-security Tora Prison after he was arrested alongside his Al-Jazeera news colleagues in a hotel in Cairo. Egypt’s authorities say they , among otherContinue reading “#FreeAJStaff”

Recipes for #SPCSunday

Are you cooking up a storm for #SPCSunday? Buy and enjoy some canned fruit, tomatoes, baked beans or spaghetti (or other products) made by SPC Ardmona on 9 February and show your support. If you don’t have a favourite recipe in mind, or plan on eating baked beans for breakfast like MP Bob Katter, you canContinue reading “Recipes for #SPCSunday”

SPC Ardmona isn’t just a factory

‘We could be about to see what happens to a town when it loses its identity. Shepparton is SPC Ardmona’ – Warwick Long, ABC Rural journalist, 30 January 2014 via Twitter. I am a graduate of Dookie Primary School No. 1527, where there was a grand total of five students in my grade. All up,Continue reading “SPC Ardmona isn’t just a factory”

Consent? What consent?

Last year, in August, a wrote about ‘Danielgate’; and even contributed a comment about it on Al Jazeera English’s ‘The Stream’ program. Danielgate brought many issues about in Morocco to the fore — child abuse, paedophiles, poverty, monarchy, corruption, colonianlism, tourism, and freedom of speech. This past week, two other stories of child abuse caughtContinue reading “Consent? What consent?”

I would like, Toys for Nauru

If I was writing a letter to Santa this Christmas, I’d be asking him for more Australian politicians like Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. This is why: in my view, no other politician is keeping the truth of Australia’s detention centres in the spotlight like she is. Many are indeed doing their bit but she is challenging theContinue reading “I would like, Toys for Nauru”