Start as they mean to go on

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has visited the Governor-General and sought permission, and then called, a Federal Election for Saturday 7 September 2013. As PM, Rudd holds the position of being able to make the first campaign speech as part of the announcement. The opposition leader, and other parties, are then able to make theirs.Continue reading “Start as they mean to go on”


Let’s start with these three things: I’m a huge fan of Morocco, and it is one of my favourite countries. I understand that generally, Moroccans like their king. Moroccans don’t protest easily. ‘#danielgate’ is the Twitter topic hashtag that has gained momentum in recent days due to a decision involving two kings, 11 children, andContinue reading “#danielgate”

Caffeine fix

Book clubs, knitting clubs, Scrabble and craft groups are common sights in cafes, but what about people coming together to repair things? Originating in the Netherlands in 2009, ‘Repair Cafes’ are places where people can meet to repair broken items together, and they are free. The concept is simple: bring your broken item, meet people withContinue reading “Caffeine fix”

21 lessons from the kitchen

I quite like a bit of quality time in the kitchen, making (or just eating) a home-cooked favourite, or trying a new exotic dish. I am also interested in third-world famine, food security, and the environment’s impact on agriculture (and vice versa). So I was quite keen to visit the ‘Our Global Kitchen’ exhibition atContinue reading “21 lessons from the kitchen”

Hello baby

I’m not a mother. So for me, talking about pregnancy, babies, motherhood or parenthood in public can sometimes require the skill of a Russian ballet dancer to tip-toe through a mine-field of taboos, out-of-bounds and ‘how would I know’ topics. However, on this one, I’m pretty confident to stride through like a country Victorian full-back.Continue reading “Hello baby”